hey young world!

My thirtieth year, 2012, has indeed been a year of revelations… Some were as subtle as a slight nudge of an elbow to the rib cage. Others came in the form of loud and deafening shrieks. As I close out the year, the aftermath has left me to sort out queries yet to be answered, relationships to rebuild, and old loves to rediscover. As a child I once asked my mother for a diary. She obliged, of course, but advised that if I didn’t want anyone to know… don’t write it down. Touche, mother… Touche.

However, I have one problem. All of these thoughts, questions, ideas and things are cluttering my head space (probably the Aquarius in me). I feel like getting them out and I feel like YOU should read them – whoever you happen to be. One of the loves I’m rediscovering is my love for writing and this is where it will manifest. I will post occasionally, whether it be pensive, rhetorical, comical, or good old-fashioned ranting. My heart also belongs to music and much of my thoughts link to it one way or the other. So most posts here will have some sort of musical reference. I’ll also feature posts that I like written by other bloggers out there in the blogosphere…

Here is where you’ll find a little bit of everything and nothing at all. Welcome!


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