why did i big chop? glad you asked…

On February 3, 2012 I did one of the most daring things I’ve probably ever done… (Yes, I know that doesn’t speak much to be being a risk-taker.) I big chopped and cut off probably about 95% of my hair. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a big chop (otherwise known as a “BC”) is a term used to describe cutting off relaxed (or chemically straightened) hair leaving only natural (or non-chemically straightened) hair. I had my last relaxer in October of 2010 and had been slowly (and nervously) transitioning and trying to get acquainted with the new texture of my hair emerging. At  slightly over a year later, I decided I was ready to let it all go. I was ready to start over.

“Happy to be nappy… I’m black and I’m proud that I have been chosen to wear the conscious cloud.”


(Check this song out by clicking on the picture above or the album it’s on by clicking on his name!)

Armed with an arsenal of new hair products I had been trying out during my transition, CurlyNikki.com, and my favorite YouTube vloggers (i.e. MyNaturalSistas, Naptural85, MahoganyCurls, and IvyCharlaine), it was time the world met my natural hair and time for it to meet the world! Now, don’t get me wrong. At times it was scary and downright uncomfortable. What if it never grows back? What if no one else likes it? What if my head looks funny? What if my short hair makes me look… gasp… ugly?! 

Well, after a few days I really started to like it, and you know what? I no longer cared who did or didn’t agree. You know what else? I thought my hair was beautiful just the way it grew out of my scalp!

I know that there are swarms of women who will testify to doing a BC for very militant,  racial, spiritual, or very anti-conformist/anti-relaxer reasons, but meh… I was just plain tired. Tired of spending half of my Saturday twice a month in a beauty shop. Tired of spending $60+ every time I needed a relaxer. Tired of the damage the relaxer caused to the health of my hair. Tired of never really being satisfied with my hair even after all of the time and money spent. Tired of always being concerned about sweating during workouts or getting caught in the rain. Just tired! Something needed to give and what other people thought I should or shouldn’t be doing with my hair no longer mattered.

If you ask me, there are plenty of perks that came along with my BC. Confidence began to abound. It was almost a freeing experience that suddenly made me want to change other things about myself and how I perceived myself. I wanted to not only have healthy hair, I wanted to be healthy. I didn’t just want to do what made me happy with my hair, I wanted to do what made me happy… period.

I’m not here to knock anyone else for what they choose to do to their hair. I’m just telling my story… Long or short, relaxed or natural, dyed or not… I say as long as your hair is healthy, do you! I’m just very happy that I can now just do me. The health of my hair, the versatility, the uniqueness… is all endless! And it was all worth it.

Love and Light… -CB Radio

Now excuse me while I….



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