Pharrell Made Us Clap Along But Are We As Happy As We Pretend To Be?

So, some guy named Pharrell something or other wrote this little ditty that I hear every once in a while… I think it might be called… “Happy”… Maybe you’ve heard it?

Clearly, I kid.

As the song’s popularity spread like wildfire and its rotation on the radio… well, its rotation everywhere… increased to a fever pitch, I wondered if the song reached the acclaim that it did because of its relevance to the masses or because it was just so undeniably catchy.

Unfortunately, my belief lends itself more to the latter…

“Why?” you might ask! Well, before I get to that… I’m excited to announce that I have been named the newest contributor for where I’ll be contributing blog posts at least once a month. (I will still be writing here as well!) I’m so thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful group of positive young ladies choosing to live their lives as they see fit.

So take a trip on over to the free side with me to read the rest of this post by clicking HERE!

-Love & Light… CB Radio


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